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Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey offer your customers something unique: The largest selection of the highest performance hunting and fishing gloves in the world. With 24 fishing and 14 hunting glove styles, the two brands cover every environment your customers seek on the water or in the field, from the heat of summer to the coldest winters. Fresh water, salt water, inshore, offshore, ice fishing, and every kind of hunting, from early-season archery and turkey to waterfowl, upland and late-winter cold weather.

Why partner with Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey? We specialize in producing premium products of the very highest quality and construction, with a total of 38 different glove styles dedicated specifically for the fishing and hunting markets. In five short years, we have been embraced by the top outdoor sports dealers across the country, and our brands are currently being offered in over 1,700 locations located in 16 countries around the world. Our products are also available through the top hunting and fishing distributors in the US, Canada and Sweden. We have an extensive marketing program, which to date has created more than 20 million impressions. An important part of this program is the sponsorship of some of the top hunting and fishing shows, including North American Whitetail, Timmy Horton Outdoors, Lake Commandos, Reel Animals and many others.

Here’s What Our Dealers Have to Say

Advertising is another key component, with prominent ads featured in the most popular hunting and fishing publications. An active promotional staff is also important—Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey work closely with some of the top pros in the bass, ice and saltwater fishing communities along with hunting pros in the deer, duck, and turkey markets. This helps us not only gain exposure for the brands but also to have critical input on product development to ensure the two brands remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

These intensive marketing and advertising initiatives create incredible demand and drive traffic for these products which are unmatched in the industry today. When you want the best, you want Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey.

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“Best fishing gloves I have ever used”

Randy Howell, MLF Pro

“Protecting your hands in all weather conditions”

Randall Tharp, MLF Pro

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Steve Pennez, Host of Lake Commandos & Stone Cold Fishing

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New Product Alert From Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey

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