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Fish Monkey is the industry’s first and leading line of performance fishing gloves designed specifically for specific fishing situations. When it comes to fishing gloves, we’ve got you covered.

Sun protection is a function of the weave of the fabric and a  treatment that is applied to the fabric as the garment is being made. Our products feature a much finer weave that better blocks the sun. Other gloves rely soley on this coating which can wear off in time. We do both and we call this sun protection system LongHaul Life-of-the-Glove Sun Protection which means our gloves will give you the promised sun protection until they are done.

Our Griptanite Technology in the palm ensures a firm grip on the rod or reel & adds comfort while reducing hand fatigue by providing an extra layer of protection & cushion. 
A good grip means less hand fatigue when grasping a fishing rod for hours on end. It also means a secure grip on railings, anchor lines, dock posts and more. Grip-ability you’ll come to really appreciate.

Fish Monkey fishing gloves protect your hands from both sunburn and these everyday cuts and scrapes. But, importantly, they do so without being a hindrance in any way. We call it the Forget About It second-skin fit. Through meticulous ergonomic design and by using state-of-the-art technologies, materials and fabrics, Fish Monkey has made fishing gloves that are so comfortable and fit so well, that you’ll forget you have them on! After all, no protection works if you won’t wear the gloves, right?

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