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When in the field, the two most important functions of your gloves are a sure grip and protection for your hands. We get that.  And we get you.

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Wet hands turn into cold hands very quickly. Hunt Monkey’s exclusive 3-way DRY-TEC waterproofing process ensures your hands will stay dry!

It starts with DWR (durable water repellent) which is a coating or finish that is applied to the outer fabric so it repels water. A waterproof/breathable membrane will stop water from penetrating to the inside of your gloves but a DWR is also needed to prevent moisture from saturating the exterior glove fabric. Without DWR the exterior fabric will become waterlogged and heavy.

The composition of modern gloves involves various layers, including a membrane akin to a plastic bag located on the interior, next to the hand. However, that this layer fails to shield the outer layers from water absorption, leading to cumbersome waterlogged gloves that are up to 50% heavier, rendering it difficult to maintain dexterity.

We incorporated protective coatings in the exterior and the interior surface of the fabric to enhance water repellency to the core. So the waterproof membrane now occupies the secondary layer in our gloves, thwarting unwanted moisture intrusion and ensuring optimal dryness for both the insulation and lining layers.

Hipora is a three-layer microporous silicon coating system. The initial layer functions as a barrier to water penetration, boasting pores that possess a diameter of under .5 μm. The smallness of these pores delivers an exceptional impermeable shield.

The intermediate layer’s honeycomb structure facilitates moisture absorption and release. It enables water to infiltrate but expels it out. As such, sweat or moisture accumulation undergoes swift release.

The final layer is the most formidable defensive line against water. This layer is also closest to the skin, thus, providing a critical shield of protection against unwanted water intrusion.

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Apex Hunt


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Wildcat Dry-Tec Hunting Glove

Original price was: $75.95.Current price is: $55.95.

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Wildcat Dry-Tec Hunting Glove

Original price was: $75.95.Current price is: $55.95.

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Customers Ask Us:


All sun protection is not created equal. Sun protection is a function of two things, the actual weave of the fabric and a fabric treatment that is applied as the garment is being made. The fabrics we use for Fish Monkey gloves feature a much finer weave that better blocks the sun. Then we treat them with sunproofing, which is what the other glove rely on solely for much of the sun protection in their garments. The problem is this treatment wears off, especially with washing. Still, we do treat our gloves anyway figuring this treatment can only help. We call this sun protection system LongHaul Life-of-the-Glove Sun Protection which means our gloves will give you the promised sun protection until they are done.


Fish Monkey fishing gloves protect your hands from both sunburn unquestionably but as any fisherman knows, after a weekend of fishing, our hands can get pretty beat up. Line cuts, fin pricks, tooth gashes, and the general wear and tear experienced while working with gear, can leave you with some telltale marks and annoying pains.and everyday cuts and scrapes. We protect your hands from that too and importantly, We do so without being a hindrance in any way. We call it the Forget About It second-skin fit. Through meticulous ergonomic design and by using state-of-the-art technologies, materials and fabrics, Fish Monkey fishing gloves are so comfortable and fit so well that you’ll forget you have them on. After all, no protection works if you won’t wear the gloves, right?


It’s important to purchase the right size glove. On every product here on this site you will find a link to a size guide. Measure your hand at the widest part of the palm and use that measurement to find your correct size. It’s a really important step to ensuring you are the most comfortable you can be out there.